Declare Your Own WorkNo Rights Reserved

Dedicate your own work to the public domain!

Sites everywhere (okay, in a few disparate places) are declaring that their content is in the public domain! That means anyone else can do anything they like with the original work, with no restrictions at all—copy it, give copies to friends, change it around, even not tell anyone who made it first. That's excellent. I'd love for more people to do the same.

Before doing so with your own work, you should read and understand the Creative Commons Public Domain Dedication; if you like, you can even make a record of your dedication. Then, I suggest you let people know!

You're welcome to choose any way you like, of course, but I like to include the following snippet at the bottom of my pages:

No Rights Reserved

All information on this website (, unless otherwise noted, is wholly the work of Christian Jones ( All information, data, and formatting is hereby released into the public domain, with no rights reserved. For questions, concerns, or comments, please email the author.

Take a look at the source, modify it as you like, and place it on your own page. Of course, you're also welcome to just use one of the No Rights Reserved images. Enjoy, and thanks for trying to keep the web free!